Hyde Property are dedicated to improving sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the work we do.

In the process of the work we undertake, we go above and beyond to actively reduce waste.  From design stage and initial material selections, we build in plans to minimise waste, reclaiming or recycling materials where possible. Where new materials are required, we use natural materials where possible, sourced from sustainably responsible suppliers.

We believe passionately that older buildings have the capacity to be more energy efficient and sustainable than many are lead to think. It takes a little more thought around the materials and methods, to ensure that each measure proves to be a benefit to the old structure and doesn’t damage the original fabric of the building, but it is absolutely possible. On one of our recent projects, we improved the EPC rating of a 570 year old Grade II Listed cruk-framed home from F (25) to C (69), which is something we are very proud of.  As the average EPC rating of any dwelling in England and Wales is ‘D’, that’s quite an achievement in a home which was originally built in the 1450’s! We make it possible for our clients get the joy of an older home, with an EPC rating of a modern house.


We understand that every home, every client and every project is unique. We therefore tailor our services to your requirements, from end-to-end project management or support on specific stages. This includes:


We can help you visualise and design your project, looking at different ideas to acheive your dream result within the framework of Building Regulations and Planning requirements. We work with a range of Architects and select the one with the most relevant experience to help you turn your ideas in to working plans. Breathing new, contemporary life in to precious old buildings is our speciality. We also have a specialist knowledge of how to integrate 21st Century insulation solutions in to your home, making it much more efficient to heat and raising the EPC rating.


Older properties can require a host of permissions for any work carried out. From Planning and Building Regulations through to Conservation and Listed Property Consents, we have an expert working knowledge of what is required and work closely with Local Authorities to ensure that we gain all relevant permissions and meet all Planning Conditions. We can manage your project through each stage on your behalf.


We can project manage the build-phase from end-to-end, sourcing materials in keeping with your home (new or reclaimed), co-ordinating the most skilled tradespeople and achieving the most meticulous standard of finish. We seamlessly dovetail the precious, original features in with the latest in contemporary requirements, from the integration of lighting and gadgetry, to the latest in insulation technology, breathing the 21st Century into your historic home. 


We don’t stop until the very last detail is completed to the highest quality. We pride ourselves on the delivery phase – the ‘big reveal’. At the end of every project, we proudly present a perfectly finished room or home back to our clients.

Passionate about period and listed properties


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We only work with period and listed buildings - it's our specialism!